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Roland & Liam (A - IRL)
2006-07-08 00:00:00
We visited Italy many times but never saw the “true” Italy until we came to “Il Gallo Rosso”. After each holiday we always felt like we needed another holiday. But a stay here and you know you were on a real dream. To sum “Il Gallo Rosso” up in two words… “a tonic”. Thanks again. And hopefully ye will win the world cup, even tough ye have a world cup here. Cheers guys and slainte.
Vincent & Marinus - (NL)
2006-05-22 00:00:00
It takes a bit of an effort to get to “Il Gallo Rosso”. But then: paradise was never easy to reach. “Lavanda” welcomed us with a beautifully arranged composition of fruit (Jam!) and a bottle of wine. The diner “plus” we were offered/invited to upon arrival was simply gorgeous and the wine a delight. Regretfully, fixed engagements left us but two days (out of five) to enjoy and admire this Garden Of Eden, with is superb views and peaceful atmosphere. We are grateful to our guests for making us feel at home in “Il Gallo Rosso” and we are sincere in expressing the intention to revisit this enchanted garden. It’ll be our pleasure to recommend it to friends and others.
Nicole & Mark - (USA)
2006-04-26 00:00:00
Ian, Paolo, Karl. Grazie for eight days of total bliss! You’ve made well-appointed “Lavanda” a comfy home base from which we relaxed, cooked and enjoyed Umbria’s bounteous food, wind and scenery. Max, Jack, Sam and Tommy were welcome guests. Meeting Shan was a wonderful bonus. But most important, thank you for the warm hospitality and generous spirit you extended us. Karl, we missed you, but thank you for the orienting, conversation and touring tips. Paolo your knowledge of the area is surpassed only by your kindness and limoncello recipe! And dear Ian, brilliant keeper of the house and gardens, we are so grateful for your helpful attentiveness and friendly chats. We loved your gifts of fresh eggs, herbs and delicious olive oil. And we recall our dinner of pizza, snails and much wine and limoncello as a trip highlight. Life is good al Il Gallo Rosso. We feel privileged to have visited your piece of heaven and look forward to a return stay. Take good care and much good fortune to each of you in the months and years to come.
Rod & Ruth - (CA)
2005-09-18 00:00:00
What a beautiful place! What a treat it was to return to ‘Il Gallo Rosso’ after Florence, Assisi, Pienza, Orvieto and other great places. No matter how exhausted we were, we looked forward to a bracing swim in the pool, then a simple meal with wine and a very good sleep. Ian, with the able assistance of Jack & Max, made for a truly, enjoyable relaxing week here. Best wishes.
Adam & Naomi - (AUS)
2005-09-03 00:00:00
What can you say. It’s not a B&B it’s a holiday from a holiday. Never have we experienced such genuine, generous, caring hosts. We will look back at “Il Gallo Rosso” with fond memories for many years to come. Thank you very much Ian & Karl for your effort, nothing has been taken for granted or gone ‘un-noticed’.
John & Andrew - (UK)
2005-08-31 00:00:00
The stuff of fairy tales: an Umbrian idyll, three Prince Charmings, four harmless monsters and an intense feeling or ‘happily ever after’. Like all the best stories all good things must come to The End and we are both looking forward to starting the story again in the very near future. With love to Italy and all, and a few manly tears. Arrivederci!
Joy & Valerie - (USA)
2005-08-30 00:00:00
Once upon a time in Umbria there were three fellows who bought a house and land in need of rescue. After some time and much hard work there emerged a slice of heaven here on earth.
Some would say by their demeanour and the care and comfort bestowed upon visitors that these three are angels – special guardians for all those who come to enjoy this lovely slice of heaven known as Il Gallo Rosso.
We are inclined to see them as angels. From the moment of our arrival we felt comforted, protected and nurtured. A cold drink after a long hot ride, good conversation, laughter and helpful hints along with a tour of this most peaceful Eden and we felt instantly at home.
“Famiglia” That is what you and the angels become here.
Ian: thank you for your cheer, for the beauty you have created to surround us all, for your easy going, always, caring manner and friendship.
Karl: Thank you for the shopping expedition, translations, gelato, for all the maps and travel tips and good companionship, kindness, laughter and gentleness.
Paolo: thank you for your quiet peaceful ways, your smile, for gently noticing anything needing a fix, for your wonderful conversation.
Max, Jack, Sam & Tommy: thanks boys for the love, the fun, the greetings, the wags.
To all: thank you for your friendship, very gracious hospitality and for providing us with this retreat that has nourished and nurtured our senses and given solace to our souls, our only regret is that we could not have lingered longer. But… there is always the next time!
Mario & Nicola - (I)
2005-08-17 00:00:00
Di ricette ‘Gallo Rosso’ ne esiste solo una… magari ci sono delle varianti da considerare come l’accompagnarsi del piatto con dell’ottima torta alle prugne di Karl. Vale però la pena soffermarsi su due aspetti non secondari per la degustazione di un piatto così ricco e gustoso. L’ambiente: va servito fresco e possibilmente nelle ore calde a bordo piscina, quando il sole picchia è veramente ristoratore. Il bis: nonostante la ricchezza di ingredienti e l’apporto energetico il ‘Gallo Rosso’ non può; essere assaporato veramente al primo assaggio: si consiglia di concentrarsi su di un particolare alla volta per comprendere veramente questo piatto fortunato. E’ quindi necessario almeno un bis, ma un tris forse è meglio… Ritorneremo.
Frederic & Jean-François - (F)
2005-08-16 00:00:00
Nous sommes les premiers à inaugurer le ‘French’ dans votre livre d’or. Merci de votre chaleureux accueil, plus particulièrement à notre charmante maitresse de maison si prévenant. Sans lui l’affaire ‘Air France’ n’aurait pas eu un coté aussi anecdotique. Il nous a permis à garder le sourire et rester zen, mais aussi ’frais’ quoiqu’il arrive. La surprise de la piscine fut un vrai délice. Merci à vous trois pour votre chaleur, bonne humeur et tendresse. Grace à votre sympathique attention le Gallo Rosso fut durant ce séjour un véritable enchantement. Nous retournerons à Paris non sans un pincement au coeur et une envie de rater l’avion.
Zoe & Sam - (AUS)
2005-07-30 00:00:00
Well, we may be the ‘baby chicks’ of the guest at Il Gallo Rosso but what a fabulous time we have had! After being constantly on the move for three weeks around Europe, getting here and having a chance to sleep-in, eat, drink, and laze by the pool was absolutely lovely. Absolutely always felt welcome and able to ask anything. Yes, particularly at four in the morning after being taken to a local street festival and demolishing Paolo’s home-made limoncello! Max, Jack and the cats napping in the apartment, the figs, and the inebriated wonderful “solving of the world problems”. Can’t wait to be back. Thank you so much.
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