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Deb & Rosanna - (USA)
2004-06-19 00:00:00
Thanks to all of you for making us feel like family stopping by for holiday. Your patience, hospitality and skill made our trip particularly wonderful. You made us appreciate Umbria as the special place it is. The kindness in this house extends right down to “the boys”.
Peter & Sean - (AUS)
2004-05-08 00:00:00
Thank you boys for your friendship and impeccable hospitality. We both felt totally relaxed and at home here al Gallo Rosso. We look forward to continuing our friendship when you return down under and hope we can return everything you have offered us. Lots of love.
Tom & Michael - (UK)
2004-04-20 00:00:00
As up the white dirt road we drove, / a wonderous vision in our sight hove, / a beautiful house, glorious garden, / and wild landscape which begged no pardon.
Greeted by gentle Max and Jack, / we realised there was no honing back, / and soon we encountered Tommy and Sam / we didn’t get to meet the lamb!
In our six perfect days we’ve made / new friends who’ve passed this way and stayed. / Belinda, Giacomo and Rita / whose welcome could have not been sweeter.
Then Brian, who told us the story / of La Scarzuola in all its glory: / the church, the gardens, theatres, folly / (was Buzzi slightly off his trolley?)
We visited Umbrian towns and cities, / found animals, birds and other pretties, / as Primavera rose from slumber, / turning vivid green what was burnt umber.
But best of all, we’ve had the pleasure / of new-forged friendships, which we’ll treasure. / With Paolo, his presence all too fleeting / and Karl, whose mastery of treating / guests with generosity and caring, / is matched by all his knowledge-sharing. / We came to him for information, / an he gave more than expectation.
Then Ian, masterchef and host / whose to-die-for cooking was the most / fabulous adventure for the diner, / whose repartee could not be finer, / and who works so hard to make our stay / delightful, delicious in every way.
So, for those who O’er the internet wonder / and click Apartment Lavanda / we heartily recommend Il Gallo Rosso / and for those who don’t, it is their loss. oh!
Milton & Robert - (USA)
2004-04-01 00:00:00
We had a wonderful time at Il gallo rosso! We had been traveling from town to town for 2 weeks and arrived at this most tranquil, scenic and welcoming guest house. There is something magical about this place. The spacious rooms were so engaging with 2 sets of double doors wandering out into the garden on the one side and a rolling meadow on the other. When we opened our sitting area windows we had a spectactular view of sheep grazing in the meadow with a castle in the distant horizon. The place and it's hosts create a sense of ease, beauty and comfort that you don't want to leave. Our accomodations were so pleasing, comfortable and extremely clean. The full kitchen and breakfast area was perfect for snacks and wine prior to a delicious meal prepared (and shared) by our hosts who are able to make us feel right at home while also giving us our privacy. We felt like we were truely at a special place. The time we spent at Il gallo rosso is something I will remember all my life and look forward to a return visit.
Kevin & Melissa - (USA)
2004-03-29 00:00:00
Il Gallo Rosso has been a wonderful and truly unique Tuscany experience. The place is wonderful and my only regret is that we had too much to do elsewhere on day trips that less time was spent here relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
Paul & Davide - (SA)
2003-11-03 00:00:00
We spent a wonderful week at Il Gallo Rosso, meeting kind and hospitable people and sharing some good times with the locals. Ian is the ideal host and makes this home from home. The rooms are spotless, comfortable and functional. I would recommend it highly for a great stay in the most stunning part of Italy!
Stewart & Sarah - (AU)
2003-10-12 00:00:00
There is little we can add to the adjectives others have used to describe Il Gallo Rosso and it’s hosts. A welcome respite, peaceful slice of paradise, kind and generous home away from home. We just want to thank you for making us feel so welcome.
Martin & Susan - (AU)
2003-10-04 00:00:00
After weeks of work and travel through Europe it has been great to have a week here at ‘Il Gallo rosso’. Thank you for your hospitality and for making us feel truly welcome. We have had a terrific time and will recommend this place to our friends. Love to Max & Jack.
James & Patrick - (UK)
2003-09-28 00:00:00
The exceptional friendliness and kindness of the hosts on arrival continued throughout our stay which made the trip one to remember. Il gallo rosso is a perfect place from which to explore the Umbrian and Tuscan countryside.
David & Werner - (SIN)
Thanks so much for the wonderful stay in your brand new apartment. Very good design and practical. We wish you all success with your new endeavour; of which we are sure especially because of your great sense of hospitality. Hope we’ll come back soon.
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