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Normand & Serge (CA)
2007-06-15 00:00:00
Après trois semaine de périple en Italie, nous aboutissons dans ce oasis de tranquillité avec un accueil des plus chaleureux.
Thanks to all of you for your kindness, generosity, advices and attention to details and thank god there was not a church or a duomo near by…You have created a paradise and I wish that you will soon be all able to enjoy it on a permanent basis. Salutations.
Dale & Merrie
2007-06-04 00:00:00
Thank you so much. Karl, Ian, Paolo and of course Kristen for a wonderful place, a sweet atmosphere. Each of you has created a spirit of generosity: zucchini, eggs and so placed outside of the patio, knowledgeable advise on travel and great stories. A wonderful stay that we will savour in our memories of Il Gallo Rosso. Your attention to every detail is so appreciated. All the best.
Susan & Marilyn - (USA)
2007-05-27 00:00:00
Sitting beside a pristine swimming pool, under the shade of an umbrella with a warm breeze blowing my hair, the birds sing and the rooster crows and I enjoy the sight of the rolling hills of Umbria. Il Gallo Rosso is the result of the vision and loving labor of hour hosts. For me it is also a dream come true, one in which I’ve worked to afford, took a lot of planning, and then was astounded that this experience was much more precious and beautiful than expected. At Il Gallo Rosso there is a connection to the bounty of the earth though the vegetable garden, the flowers (poppies!), the cyprus trees, the wildlife, the chickens (fresh eggs!), olive trees (unbelievable olive oil!), lavender, herbs growing, and more. None of this would be possible or so exquisite without Ian’s daily attention to every detail. We have been treated with loving kindness. Meeting Ian, Karl, Peter, Johannes, Jack Daniels, Max, Sam, Tom has been awesome. Thank you for everything. Everything was perfect.
Fredo & Hector - (USA)
2007-04-27 00:00:00
Is has been a truly exceptional stay that we have had at Il Gallo Rosso. Ian, your extremely warm hospitality and fantastic attention to detail is once again, truly exceptional. You have developed and created quite a special environment and we feel very lucky to have experienced it. Auguri!
John & Glenn - (USA)
2006-10-12 00:00:00
Thank you Ian, Karl and Kristen for making our stay at Il Gallo Rosso so special. It was a welcome respite from the hordes of tourists. Thank you also for suggesting we visit Sorano and Sovana as they were our favourite towns in Italy.
Adam - (AUS)
2006-10-02 00:00:00
What can I say… Ian, you have blown me away with this place! Il Gallo Rosso is an amazing place and definitely one of the jewels of the Umbrian countryside. You have transformed this once humble farmhouse into a spectacular retreat destination. I am very impressed and was so glad I came and experienced the experience. I cannot thank you enough. Big thanks to Karl for his friendship and hot springs tour and also big thanks to Kristen for her instant friendship and morning chats. Loads of luv.
Sandrine & Beatrice - (F)
2006-09-24 00:00:00
Now we know where the name Gallorosso comes from, where eating the best pizzas in Umbria and, last but not least, where ‘dolce vita’ is.
Thank you so much Ian, Karl and Kristen for this wonderful week. At least I truly recommend you to taste limoncello…. But mind your step!
Henk & Martien - (NL)
2006-09-23 00:00:00
Thank you very much Ian and Kristen for a great week at Il Gallorosso! We feel we really experienced Umbria in full, great scenery, marvellous food and wine, and above all the relaxing beauty of Il Gallorosso. Max, Jack and the cats were nice company. We had a perfect time here, thanks again for everything.
Eric & Emmanuel - (F)
2006-08-11 00:00:00
Merci pour cet accueil chaleureux et familial. Vous avez veillé en permanence à notre bien-être. La semaine a été agréable et reposante, malgré le temps qui ne nous a permis de profiter pleinement de la piscine. Cet endroit est magnifique et nous a permis de nous sentir pleinement a l’aise. Nous rentrons en France reposés et ressourcés.
Christian & Robert - (D)
2006-08-08 00:00:00
Il Gallo Rosso ist ein liebevoll gepflegtes Stück Erde mit lieben "multikulti“ Hausherren. Man kann sich hier einfach nur Wohlfühlen. Es gibt nur wenige Orte wie diesen; wir sind froh diese "kleine Farm“ gefunden zu haben. Wir kommen wieder. Danke für den netten Abend in Montegabbione.
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